Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Talking about step-mom is a difficult thing.

Over the past four years, I have conducted polls, interviewed people, and discussed step-mom with numerous people. Progress has been made, but perhaps that progress only accounts for the strides I have been able to make with my book. I'm not so sure that the "progress" actually involves an evolution of thinking in people on the topic of step-mom. But, this is WHY I labor over the completion of my book.

I want YOU to understand me, my struggle, my plight. Don't we all? Isn't understanding and SIGHT what we all fight for? Freedom to exist and persist, to thrive--acknowledged and recognized by the sight of others as they truly SEE us. However, I may not ever get you to understand me, and that's okay. Because, I think that step-mom needs to understand herself, too. She has been mired in a mirror, frame, and language of misunderstanding for so long that she has become inscrutable to herself.

If you have been reading along with my posts for all these years, I hope that you continue to do so. But, I wanted to write this post in effort to accomplish two things: to articulate the oh-so controversial nature of the topic of step-mom, a controversy I have witnessed first hand as I have tried to entreat people on the topic. My pursuit of her has been revealing. AND, I want to formally announce that The Calling of a Step-Mom book is coming soon!

Conversation only effects/affects as it continues, so please tell me what you think. Share your thoughts, and know that I thank you all for journeying with me.

Humbly Pressing On,


P.S. Next week I will post an excerpt from the upcoming book. Tune in so you can be the first to read these revolutionary musings.

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